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Adana Marfil Flat Gloss 7.5 x 30 tile

Adana Marfil Flat Gloss 7.5 x 30 tile

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Adana Marfil Flat is brick metro tile which has a gloss finish and is perfect to be used in splashbacks and feature walls. Also in this collection, it is possible to find 3 different colours with bevelled edges: the Adana Bianco, Marfil and Nero colours. In the Adana Flat Glossy shape, this collection presents 8 different shades, variating from colder to warmer hues. This range makes part of our Core Collections, where most of the products are rather ceramic or glazed porcelain tiles with good quality and affordable.

Adana Marfil Flat is a warm hue metro style ceramic tile with a glossy finish. The Adana Marfil is the lightest cream coloured ceramic tile between the warm shades present on this range. Fantastic for bathroom or kitchen splashbacks, this amazing tile will make the difference in your home.


White Body Ceramic


7.5 x 30


1 - 7 Days

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