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Axis Silver Fir Tatami 22.5 x 90 cm Matt/Natural Tile

Axis Silver Fir Tatami 22.5 x 90 cm Matt/Natural Tile

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Axis Silver Fir is one of the colours available in Axis Collection, the perfect solution if you are looking for light grey wood effect tiles. Axis is a superb range of wood look tiles that reproduce unique planks and original essences characterised by the typical effect of time. The intense and natural character of aged-old wood comes back to life in a resistant, functional and safe solution with excellent planning potential and a contemporary character. The material rediscovers, with surprising realism, all the beauty of irregular veining with a strong visual impact and uniqueness caused in nature by the wear and tear of weather. The look of natural wood combines with the advantages of porcelain stoneware, an anti-slip, frost, thermal shock and weather resistant material. Axis in textured finish is suitable for indoor and outdoor venues requiring excellent technical performance guaranteeing the highest safety and the perfect continuous effect in combination with the matt finish.

Axis Silver Fir, with its micro-texture evoking natural wood, exalts the sought-after style and details guaranteeing a visual effect of unique intensity. This light hue of grey exalts the elegance of the space with a strong contemporary impact. A fantastic wood look tile like that guaranties a visual effect of unique intensity thanks also to the different finishes suitable for a harmonious indoor and outdoor continuity.


Dimensions (cm)

22.5 x 90


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