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Blaze Corten Matt 120 x 120 cm Matt/Natural Tile

Blaze Corten Matt 120 x 120 cm Matt/Natural Tile

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Blaze Corten a captivating copper toned metal-look porcelain tile, embellished with corroded copper highlights of blueish green tones on a rust copper base. A semi-polished surface gives depth to this metal-effect tile, which tell a story of its previous life. Just like worn leather, each crease, scuff and discoloured character add modernised texture to an environment.

Blaze is built up of complex colours, streaks and shading, reminiscent of metals such as Copper, Aluminium and Titanium. Blaze metal-look porcelain tiles comply to a modernised aesthetic of industrial interiors while offering an unlikely richness to its surroundings.


Dimensions (cm)

120 x 120


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