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Marvel Ten -X Calacatta Apuano

Marvel Ten -X Calacatta Apuano

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Inspired by Calacatta marble quarried in the Italian Apuan Alps, these beautiful porcelain tiles are distinguished by their warm-white background, adorned with fine gold and grey veining that appears more pronounced or blended in the polished and matt finishes respectively.


With indoor, outdoor and extra-large format slabs, plus different surface finishes and sizes, Marvel Ten-X has versatility to suit myriad interior design and architectural applications.

Available in an innovative new Hammered finish which reproduces a surface like natural split stone that has been beaten and brushed for a tactile and textural effect. In the 60/120 size, a 9 mm thickness is available in a matt finish and a 20 mm thickness is available specifically for outdoor applications.


  • Material: Rectified Porcelain"
  • Available: 4 - 6 Weeks"
  • Tile Surface: Wall / Floor
  • Dimension: 595 x 1195
  • Slip Resistance: R10
  • Frost Resistance: Yes
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