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Marvel Statuario Select

Marvel Statuario Select

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Marvel Statuario Select is an elegant Statuario porcelain tile inspired by prestigious Italian marble. Striking veins of grey shades impact the surface design with intensity, creating an authentic representation of a natural marble surface. An impressive presence is created from an icy pattern structure, achieving surreal surroundings in a luxurious environment.

Marvel Statuario Select is readily available in sizes 30/60 and 60/60 in both Matt and Polished finishes. Matt can be produced in sizes up to 60/60 or 45/90 and Lappato up to 120/240, complete with full body colour of 9mm thickness. Statuario is also suitable as a wet area and outdoor tile. Strutturato comes with a rough textured surface, available in 30/60.


  • Material: Rectified Porcelain"
  • Available: 1 - 7 Days"
  • Tile Surface: Wall / Floor
  • Slip Resistance: R9
  • Frost Resistance: Yes
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